USS Alaric NCC-503


Starfleet International Press Kit

About the USS Alaric

Founded in 1982, the USS Alaric was originally the only chapter of STARFLEET in North Carolina, divided into Decks 1 & 2 for the eastern and western parts of the state. A gathering of like-minded individuals lead to what would become one of STARFLEET INTERNATIONAL's legendary chapters. Currently we are Region One's longest serving chapter of 33 consecutive years. Definitely one of the most active with 34 members and now 1 of 52 chapters currently in operation through our 8 state region. All together STARFLEET boasts the largest membership worldwide with 242 chapters containing 4,630 members. Our chapter hosts a former President of STARFLEET as well as a number of regional officers and award winners. The USS Alaric is involved with MANNA Food bank, Homeward bound and many other charitable organizations in the past. In fact our group has been awarded the Distinguished Service Award for our charitable contributions. We thank you for taking the time to view our website and hope you will consider joining our misfit crew.

USS Alaric (Prometheus Class Starship)